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O que: Research and Deployment AI Systems in Production
Onde: Instituto de Computação (IC) – UMFT
Quando: 13/04/2023 às 19h

Luciano Resende is an AI Platform Architect at Apple AI/ML organization. He’s a highly performant technical leader that embraces challenges and complex problems to drive breakthrough innovations. Luciano’s expertise is in open source, and enterprise-grade AI platform technologies with over 20 years of experience successfully designing, building and delivering complex software in fortune 500 companies and open source. He has a strong background in open source big data platforms such as Apache Spark, and data science building blocks such as the Jupyter Notebook Stack, Elyra and Apache Toree Scala kernel

Adriano S. Arantes is a Senior Software Engineer at Apple. He has done research
and product development for over 20 years on systems engineering, database
systems, query optimization, data quality, enterprise search, bioinformatics,
data analytics, machine learning and industrial AI. He worked on commercial
products, published several patentes and papers on top-tier conferences and
journals. As a Principal Research Scientist for the Industrial Artificial Intelligence
Lab, at Hitachi America Ltd, he led customer and research and development
projects related to innovative solutions and systems. These projects involved IoT,
Big Data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and Other cuttingedge technologies like natural language understanding, augmented reality,
robotics, among others focusing on industrial use cases. At IBM, Adriano worked
on the comercial projects IBM DB2, IBM OmniFind, and IBM CDC Data
Replication as well as open source analytics projects using Apache Spark and
Apache Kafka. Adriano was a research associate on the bioinformatics team at
Livestock Gentec, University of Alberta where he designed and developed the
first livestock genomics database in Canada, contributed to the world wide 1000-
bulls genome project, and developed diagnostic tools for gene expression.
classification in pigs using machine-learning techniques. He received a
postdoctoral degree in Bioinformatics from the University of Alberta and a Ph.D.
in Database Systems from the University of Sao Paulo

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